Green Unobtainium Spoon and Chillum Set

  • $ 75.00
  • $ 120.00

Heady 2 piece matching pipe set. Includes spoon and 3 hole chillum pipe, blown from Unobtainium Green borosilicate which has an incredible metallic/satin appearance. Each piece has 2 curved hooks extending from the body, wrapping around each other in opposing directions. The chillum pipe is a unique design which includes a carb hole and a deep red marble. The pipes you see are the EXACT pipes you will receive.

**Marking these down heavily due to the small amount of bubbling on the underside of the spoon** 


  • The spoon pipe measures 4.75 inches long and weighs 76 grams.
  • The chillum pipe measures 2.75 inches long and weighs 47 grams. 



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