Dichroic Glass Marble

This borosilicate glass marble contains a vortex swirl of some of the brightest, most colorful dichroic work there is! This marble has no backing, so you are not stuck just looking at it from one angle. Rather there are a truly infinite number of ways to admire this piece, 360 degrees around! Keep in mind that dichro will reflect all colors of the rainbow, depending on what type of light it is viewed under. The images show mostly gold and purple colors, but different light will produce an appearance with greens, yellows, blues and more! Cooled slowly in a digitally controlled kiln for maximum strength and durability. 100% high quality borosilicate (Pyrex), so you know this is a high quality piece of art. The one shown in the images is the EXACT one that is for sale.


Diameter is 1.5 inches.

Comes with the display stand too.



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