14 Inch Black Glass Sherlock Pipe

Very unique glass Sherlock style smoking pipe. This extra large piece was blown by hand from solid black borosilicate glass with a section of silver fumed, clear glass in the middle. The design features a couple sections of linework, using white as the only other color present. This piece is a more traditional style piece, it does not include a carb hole. Another very unique aspect is the hook shape below the bowl which actually allows one to store the pipe by simply hanging it up. The fumed middle section will exhibit a color change after the piece gets a significant amount of use, and is there mostly to let you know when it's time to clean the pipe. Features a super deep, large bowl so this one could actually be enjoyable to use for all kinds of legal smoking materials. Definitely a one of a kind art piece, the one you see in the images is the EXACT one that is for sale.


Measures 14 inches long and weighs 162 grams.



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