18mm Ash Catcher Bowl

Don't you just love the way your bong or rig looks when you finally decide to give it a thorough cleaning? Wish it could stay that way forever? Well, forever may be a slight exaggeration, but this will definitely prolong your cleaning cycles exponentially, plus provide extra filtration and diffusion allowing you to get even cleaner, cooler hits from your favorite piece than you ever have before! This ash catcher attachment bowl has an 18mm male joint and features an integral bowl with its own 3 hole diffused downstem inside. Easy to use, all you have to do is fill this with a little bit of water, pack the bowl with your favorite smoking material, place it on your water pipe just like you would any 18mm bowl, and fire it up! Simple as that! The suction you provide will pull the smoke down through the ash catcher's percolation system first which will pre-cool it and filter it once, then after the majority of the tar and any ash is already trapped in the ash catcher, the now cleaner smoke is pulled into your downstem, leaving way less junk in your piece and even less in your lungs! The piece shown in the images is the exact one for sale. 


Measures 2.85 inches tall and is equipped with an 18mm male joint. 



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