18mm Ash Catcher | Inline Perc | 180 Degree

Ever wish you didn't have to clean your bong or rig so often? Is it a pain with all those fancy percs and angles that you can never seem to reach? This attachment will definitely prolong your cleaning cycles exponentially, plus it provides extra filtration and diffusion allowing you to get even cleaner, cooler hits from your favorite piece than you ever have before! This extra large ash catcher has 18mm glass on glass joints and features a fixed inline style percolator. Easy to use, all you have to do is fill this with a little bit of water, put your packed 18mm bowl in the female joint, then attach to your water pipe with the male joint and fire it up! The ash catcher's percolation system will pre-cool the smoke and filter most of the residue, allowing cleaner smoke to be pulled into your downstem, leaving way less junk in your piece and even less in your lungs! You will receive the EXACT same piece you see in the images.


Measures 6.5 inches tall and weighs 326 grams. It is made from 50mm (diameter) x 5mm (wall thickness) USA borosilicate tubing. 



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