Amber Purple Fumed Frit Spoon Pipe

This thick glass spoon pipe has a gorgeous coloration with unbelievable depth and potential to change due to the amber purple frit and fuming work contained within as well as the super thick, crystal clear glass surrounding the color and magnifying its beauty. The bowl was pushed extra deep and this piece features 3 perfectly sized holes for the smoothest, most flavorful smoke, every single time. Slight variations in appearance will occur as each piece is handmade and entirely unique, however your pipe will look extremely similar to what you are seeing in the examples shown. Limited number of these available, they won't be around forever.

*This is indeed the LAST ONE of these pipes in stock. I cannot guarantee that there will be any more of these available in the future. *


Measures 4 to 4.5 inches long and weighs 70 to 80 grams.



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