Colorful Latti Dichroic Spoon

This totally unique functional piece of glass artwork is truly a sight to behold in person. It is stuffed to the brim with carefully created, remarkably colorful latticino canes, each containing at least 4 different colors twisted tightly around each other, resulting in a jaw dropping appearance like no other. 3 stripes of rainbow dichroic glitter section the latticino into 4 neat parts, all leading up to the massive front face of the pipe where a huge 5 pointed star of dichroic glitter sparkles with radiant brilliance. To finish it off, Pomegranate backed with white was used for the mouthpiece and carb accents as well as three grip marbles next to the bowl. The pipe for sale is the EXACT one shown in the images.


Measures 4 inches long, 2.25 inches tall and weighs 168 grams.



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