Fumed Color Changing Spoon Pipe

This glass spoon pipe was blown by hand from top quality USA borosilicate glass and fumed heavily with real gold. The gold fume work is the first of two elements that give the piece the amazing color changing appearance you see in the images. The second element is of course silver fuming, but for this particular piece the silver fumes were first added to rods of clear glass which then were placed inside the pipe using the coil pot method. This tedious method is what created the super unique, complex look of the fuming work that you won't find in virtually any other color changing piece out there! You'll just have to see for yourself what happens when the color changing process really gets underway... all I can say is, it'll be well worth your while. The pipe shown is the exact pipe you will receive.


Measures 4.35 inches long and weighs 66 grams.



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