Heady Dichroic Bubbler with UV Glow

This insane hammer style glass bubbler pipe has some of just about every trick in the book worked into its thick walls. It has been heavily fumed with real gold and silver giving it that bright pink and orange appearance and allowing it to change colors in amazing fashion over the course of its use. Then, throughout the translucent red designs, numerous, large sections of incredible dichroic glitter were placed, running all up and down the stem and meeting up with some special latticino that is laced with dichro at the bottom of the can in a trippy, sparkly swirl. Now that would have been enough to make a heady bubbler, but this piece has one more surprise yet! All that red inside out color isn't just red after all! In fact it's all latticino work, created using red paired with UV reactive Illuminati glass! So, just as you see in the images, everywhere you see red in normal light, actually glows an intense, radioactive green under a black light. A heady bubbler of supreme quality all the way around, the pipe shown in all the images is the EXACT one for sale. It is unique and totally one of a kind.


Measures 7.65 inches long, 3.25 inches tall and weighs 186 grams.


FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING is automatically included with the purchase of this pipe!



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