Huge Crazy Design Red Glass Bong

This massive glass bong packs a hell of a punch in its functionality even for the most experienced smoker, and it takes the knockout with its visual insanity as well. Blown super thick by hand from a base of transparent red, this piece was then decorated with a plethora of multi-color designs including an array of colorful millies, lines of white and some special sparkly copper/orange color. While rest assured this bong remains incredibly thick all the way through, the shape has a rather narrow midsection which makes deliver an unbelievably smooth hit, so much in fact that you may just forget that you're hitting a bong that's over 2 feet tall! The very wide base makes this monster almost impossible to tip over! It is equipped with a borosilicate downstem with 6 diffusion slits and a 14mm frosted glass female joint. It also comes with the clear borosilicate bowl shown. The piece you see in the images is the EXACT one that is for sale.


Measures 28 inches tall, 6.75 inches in diameter at the base and weighs 2,240 grams (4.9 lbs)



** This piece ships FAST & FREE **



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