Hyperion Spoon Pipe

Saturn's moon Hyperion is said to be one of the strangest looking moons in the galaxy, and is also a very unique new spoon design that incorporates some of our favorite characteristics! Inside the chunky, rounded shape of this pipe, large pieces of dark color frit appear to float within the extra thick glass and are backed by a bright pinkish glow; the result of the heavy gold fuming. Spirals of silver fumes wind their way throughout combining with the gold fumes to produce all sorts of colors and color changing possibilities, resulting in our newest galaxy inspired piece, Hyperion! One of the more prominent features of this design is the addition of 2 sets of 3 clear magnifying marbles which are quite sizable, adding a nice grip but also allowing a very clear look at everything going on inside this pipe. It also has a perfectly shaped and sizable bowl so you can be ready to show all your friends!

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