Rainbow Latti Dichroic Star Pipe

Heady, one of a kind spoon pipe with features that will amaze and dazzle anybody! Exquisite latticino canes expertly placed within the thick walls each contain at least 4 unique colors, allowing you to see a literal rainbow of complimenting color across every millimeter of this pipe. Separating the latti into sections along the chamber are 3 gorgeous stripes of sparkling dichroic glitter. Across the massive front face of the bowl, surrounded in more latticino is a huge 5 point star flower of dichroic work which has an appearance truly like none other. Purple Urple color marbles match the carb and mouthpiece lip of the same color. The images show the EXACT piece for sale.


Measures 4 inches long, 2.35 inches tall and weighs 173 grams.



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