Reversed Uptake Triple Honeycomb Beaker

One heck of a brand new design for anyone who is looking for the ultimate in diffusion and the coolest most tasteful smoke you'll ever get from a bong that you don't need a friend to light for you. Let me present to you, the reversed uptake triple honeycomb! This beaker shape glass bong is equipped with an 18mm glass on glass bowl which sits in a removable 18mm downstem that splits off into 6 slitted tubes at the bottom which is only the start of the unsurpassed diffusion and cooling that this design offers. After leaving the downstem and passing through the main water chamber on bottom, the smoke is then forced to travel up through the narrow tube you see in the center of the honeycombs and then back downwards again through the slightly larger tube around that. This extra step adds about 9-10 inches of extra distance for the smoke to travel thereby making this 15 inch bong hit more like a 2 foot tube, not to mention the extra cooling the water surrounding those tubes provides. Once the smoke exits the bottom of the larger tube it then travels upwards again this time through 3 honeycomb disc percs, each with 96 holes! Above that lies a splash guard with 8 slits which makes this bong virtually impossible to spill, even if knocked over. Then for the last little bit of temp dropping smoothness, make sure to utilize the ice catch pokes! This piece is 100% top quality USA borosilicate glass and is just one of a few made thus far and is the ONLY one for sale! Includes the bong, downstem and 18mm bowl, the smiles and good vibes come free as well :) 


Measures 15 inches tall, the diameter of the base is 5 inches across and it weighs 1020 grams (2.25 lbs)


**For any fellow math nerds who want to know but don't want to bust out the calculator, each bit of smoke that enters this bong has exactly 42,467,328 different paths it can travel to reach you**



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