Starlight Symphony Heady Spoon Pipe

Impressive color work and an incredibly well executed, original concept are two of the key features that make this one of a kind spoon pipe the work of art that it is. It's easy to see some serious hours went into this piece. With a base color of Heavy Blue Stardust, it is easy to see a beautiful sparkling effect throughout the surface of the pipe, like the many stars across the night sky. It was then meticulously covered with a plethora of complimenting blue, fuchsia and teal color, each section of which was placed according to the pattern required for it all to come together perfectly and form the seamless, swirling, symmetrical array which is the breathtaking end result. Absolutely one of a kind, you won't find another like it. The pipe you see in the images is the EXACT one you'll receive.


Measures 3.65 inches long and weighs 75 grams.



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