The 2oob 15" Glass Bong

The 2oob is a beaker shaped variation of "The Toob" bong, a design with a simple and straightforward concept: a functional, affordable and durable American made water pipe that packs a punch and is tall enough that you won't see it pictured next to a lighter for size comparison. Formed from 55mm x 5mm Schott borosilicate tubing, this bong is visibly thick and feels like a real bong when you pick it up. This bong features a single, giant ice catch which holds ice just as good if not better than the typical 3 poke style and is easily more durable. Another unique detail is the XL 29mm frosted joint in which the downstem fits. This massive joint makes cleaning your bong a breeze with much easier access to the little corners that would typically be just out of reach. The downstem features a showerhead style diffuser for maximum percolation and it steps down to accept any 18mm bowl such as the one shown which is included with the purchase of this bong. 


Measures 15 inches tall, has a 5.25 inch diameter at the base and weighs 1,030 grams.



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