The Green Manalishi (with the Two Prong Crown)

Cool one of a kind glass spoon pipe with a beautiful appearance consisting of an amber/green inside frit blend which fades beautifully between the two colors back and forth across the piece and exhibits a subtle shimmering effect throughout due to the addition of some super fine micro sparkles. This pipe got its name, mostly due to the addition of two hand sculpted, curled horns on either side which were hand sculpted from a solid, light green glass. Then to add to the mystery that is the Manalishi, this piece was topped with a hidden black wig wag design. Definitely a one of a kind art piece, the one you see is the EXACT one you'll receive.

Just in case you're sitting there scratching your head, wondering wtf is up with the name of this pipe, it's really something you should probably know about so here you go: 


Measures 3.85 inches long and weighs 52 grams.



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