UV Glow Color Changing Chillum

The bar has been raised, once more. This is now the largest chillum we have ever put up for sale! What a gorgeous piece to break the record too! This borosilicate glass chillum pipe contains some of the thickest, craziest silver fume designs I've seen, layered within individual lines of clear glass and worked back and forth creating the wavy reversal pattern. Also encased inside the unbelievably thick walls is just one single line of UV black light reactive Illuminati glass which glows a vibrant neon green under any black light, plus one small roll stop marble of Illuminati as well. The diameter of this piece exceeds 1 inch at its widest point and the bowl is prepared to satisfy any party crowd sitting with a total depth of over 1.5 inches! The one shown is the only one in existence and is the EXACT one you will receive.

Measures 6.25 inches long and weighs 131 grams.



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