Wig Wag Dichro Horn Heady Pipe

Unique one of a kind glass Sherlock pipe made from multiple sections of cobalt blue and black/orange/aqua lineworked reversals. This is a very large piece with a refined shape that includes a perfectly tapered stem, a maria and bubble mouthpiece and it is covered with numerous sets of clear marble bumps. It is also able to stand 2 different ways as shown. The left side of this piece features a section of very unique, blindingly bright orange colored dichroic glitter which is set on an aqua blue backing, while the right side features an even more impressive kickstand horn. The large horn contains a huge rainbow dichroic corkscrew helix that blings perfection from any angle! Cool feature that you almost never see on pipes these days, but used to be a staple on many heady creations years ago. Built like a rock to withstand the test of time, this pipe measures 7" front to back, stands 3.35" tall and weighs exactly 170 grams!!



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