Zebra Dabber with Carb Cap

Sweet one of a kind borosilicate glass dabbing tool with a doubly functional design and wild color scheme. The shaft of this dabber is made from multiple sections of black and white glass as well as black/white lined cane. Then, attached to the other end is a large, hollow, half-sphere shape attachment, perfect for use as a carb cap! The carb cap is made of alternating sections of green Slyme and pink Slyme with a black lip. It is also plenty large enough to fit virtually any size banger, including QCB / Quave Club Quartz XL! Let's face it, the process of dabbing has become pretty complex and requires the use of about half a dozen separate items minimal. Of course this isn't a fix all solution to that problem, but combining two items into one is certainly a step in the right direction. The piece shown is the EXACT one you will receive!


Measures 5.25 inches long and weighs 40 grams.



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