VisceralAntagonisM began as little more than a hobby and a venture of personal interest in an art form. In 2013 we opened for business on Etsy. Shortly thereafter things really took off. We received tremendous support from individual retail customers and it soon became apparent that this could be a full time operation. Since then, we have continued to build a reputation with customers for having some of the most unique and highest quality functional glass artwork available for prices that normal people could afford and our 3000+ 5/5 star reviews are a testament to that reputation. Following a disagreement with Etsy regarding the presence of carb holes in some of our pieces, we decided to move our entire product selection here to which has enabled us to expand it even further and offer a wider range of functional glass art than ever before. The rest hasn't changed a bit however, we still offer the same, high quality, unique pieces of art, with the same dedication and commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction that have been at the core of VisceralAntagonisM from day one. 


A Note from Dopey,

Glass art in all forms has a unique ability to display color unlike any other material and its amazing versatility has opened doors for an endless list of applications for its artistic and aesthetic qualities as well as its functional uses, and sometimes all these things even come together simultaneously ;) I feel lucky to be able to witness this period in time where glass art has exploded in popularity among all demographics due largely to certain recent changes in many states' legislation. So many astounding artists have only recently become recognized by the art community for their amazing functional creations and even more remain virtually undiscovered. The rapid progression of glass art continues to fascinate and inspire me personally and I feel there is so much positivity within the glass community, it can only continue to grow. I feel incredibly lucky and privileged for every day that VisceralAntagonisM is able to be a part, however small, in this much greater movement. I want to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone for visiting and reading this, thank you!



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