18mm Wig Wag Ice Poke Bowl

This heady bowl features a full wig wag switchback pattern formed in such a way that it allows you to actually see 4 terminations, 2 on either half from the outside through conveniently placed magnifiers and then 2 more inside the bowl itself! Tons of work in this piece, it was made from custom pulled tube with sparkly gold and various green and blue colors plus white which was also used to wrap the top edge. It has large magnifiers over each of the terminations as well as 2 sets of 2 smaller marbles positioned perpendicular to those. Carved lines between the marbles add a little more texture yet, along with a trivial amount of extra cooling. Then finally, the bottom of the bowl is special too! Created using the "ice poke" technique, the bottom of the bowl has not just one hole, but 3! This provides unparalleled airflow, resulting in more dense hits that are actually smoother and more flavorful and it virtually eliminates the possibility of clogging altogether.


Measures 2.5 inches long and weighs 26 grams. 18mm male joint.  



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