Aqua Blue Water Pipe Bong

This mini water pipe was hand blown with a gorgeous, translucent aqua blue color. It is made from something called "soft glass." Soft glass is different from the glass used in hand pipes in a couple of ways. It allows for an incredibly wide range of colors and effects which are simply not even possible with harder glass. It is also less brittle and therefore much, much more durable. It cannot handle as much heat, but when used correctly as has been done here, it is perfectly suitable to be used as the body of water pipes because virtually no heat is ever applied to the soft glass during use. This pipe has been fitted with a borosilicate downstem featuring diffusion slits and a 14mm frosted glass female joint. It also includes the 14mm borosilicate bowl piece shown. Everything you see in the images is EXACTLY what is for sale, everything you need to get started except for a lighter and something to pack!


Measures 6 inches tall, 3 inches wide at the base and weighs 404 grams. 



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