Black Jack Fumed Glass Spoon Pipe

Glass spoon pipe, hand blown from a pretty neat color called Black Jack. The color is basically a solid black as seen through most of the chamber but when worked in a different type of flame, it becomes more transparent and shows a range of amber brown colors all the way up to clear as you see at the top of the bowl. The clear part of this piece was then given a super heady fume implosion design that will display a very impressive color change as the pipe gets used. The blues and purples you see are a result of fuming on the outside of the black and they are complimented perfectly by three amber purple marbles on the side. This piece is high quality 100% American borosilicate and is one of a kind. The one you see is the very same one you'll receive.


Measures 4 inches long and weighs 69 grams.



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