Blue Oz Glass Pipe with Fumed Cap

High quality glass spoon pipe made using a really cool, rare blue color called Oz. Oz appears as a translucent teal blue glass when there is light behind it, such as you see in the image with the white background, but as the light is focused only on the front of the glass as seen in the images with dark backgrounds Oz shows a super shiny metallic surface sheen and even a subtle sparkly effect is noticeable. In addition to that very cool effect, this pipe features an incredible fumed swirl for the bowl which is sure to change some amazing colors with normal use. The side of the bowl is accented with 3 marbles of yet another cool color, Opaline. This piece was hand blown from 100% American borosilicate and is one of a kind. The one you see is the exact same one that you will receive.


Measures 5.15 inches long and weighs 73 grams.



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