Bright Green Glass Water Pipe

This glass water pipe was hand blown thick as can be! The colorful appearance is the result of taking bright green color along with accents of yellow, orange and black and applying all of that over a base layer of white and then encasing the whole thing inside and out in yet another layer of clear. The unique shape is perfect to deliver an incredibly smooth hit you certainly wouldn't expect when taking a rip off a two and a half foot bong. The very wide base makes this monster almost impossible to tip over too. It is equipped with a borosilicate downstem with 6 diffusion slits and a 14mm frosted glass female joint. It also comes with the matching amber borosilicate glass bowl shown. The piece you see in the images is the EXACT one that is for sale.


Measures 27.5 inches tall, 6.75 inches in diameter at the base and weighs 2,355 grams (5.2 lbs)





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