Dichro Covered Spoon Pipe

This heady glass spoon bowl was made with a unique combination of solid color glass which includes vibrant yellow and super sparkly green coiled around a super thick, solid black tube. A raking technique was also used to give the color long streaked patterns. We didn't stop there though, not at all! Atop that crazy base of color, a thick coating of peacock rainbow dichroic glitter was applied, literally making every square inch of this pipe sparkle beautifully with blue, purple and green. Then all that was left was the addition of some color encasement marbles around the bowl and there you have it. A totally unique, one of a kind heady spoon. Due to the nature of dichro this pipe actually looks way better in person than it does in the images. The one shown is the EXACT one for sale.


Measures 5.25 inches long and weighs 108 grams.



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