Dichroic Delirium Glass Pipe

This is hands down, among the best dichroic work you'll find on a glass pipe for anything less than $100! The pics can only show dichro so well, but if you're going to trust someone to deliver the goods when it comes to the best bling, our reputation precedes us. A simple, well blown solid black glass spoon is the foundation on which the mind blowing dichroic delirium that is the essence of this piece lies. Covered with several extra large, crystal clear magnifier marbles, the dichroic work sparkles with blinding brilliance in shades of green, silver and gold iridescence. The dichroic work is outlined in bright green stripes, adding a nice contrasting line between the dichro and the black glass. The pipe for sale is the EXACT one that is shown in the pics, no stock photos. 


Measures 5 inches long and weighs 59 grams.



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