Double Perc Hourglass Bong

This glass water pipe combines technically sound function with elegant form perfectly. Leaving most of the visible area clear and open for that brand new, crystal clean look, this piece still manages to perform double percolation in style. It is equipped with an 18mm glass on glass joint as part of the stemless, fixed inlet. The inlet leads straight across to a gridded inline horizontal perc which reaches all the way across for extra durability. Just above that is a 96 hole honeycomb perc which does a nice job of hiding all the hardware and leaving it a clear shot the rest of the way up. In the middle of the tube, a gorgeous hourglass restriction was created which not only looks nice with its slight silver fumed tint, it also acts as an ice catch, allowing for that last bit of cooling before the smoke reaches you. Not to mention, it's naturally the perfect grip allowing for comfort and most importantly much safer hand offs when passing around a circle. Never thought so much could be accomplished by something so simple did you? :) And of course, the last little touch is the milky white base and lip around the top edge adding a little bit of subtle definition to the look. Blown from top quality USA borosilicate glass, this piece is affordable, beautiful, durable and exceptionally functional. Also included is the clear 18mm bowl shown. Everything you see in the images is exactly what you will receive, no stock photos, no B.S.


Measures 15 inches tall and weighs 715 grams (1.57 lbs)



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