Dual Layer Wig Wag Sherlock

This crazy glass Sherlock style smoking pipe comes with all the bells and whistles imaginable! The most noteworthy thing about this piece is technique used to create the design on the main body. If you look, you'll notice that it is actually made of two separate layers of color, the inside a yellow and green spiral pattern and then on top of that is a sick wig wag reversal pattern made of Slyme green and black. This dual layering technique gives the piece a deep 3-D look like nothing else can and it is not something you will find on any cheap pipe. Also featured on this piece is a sweet, half spherical honeycomb attachment made with Agua Azul blue color, plus not just one but two opal encasement marbles, one of which is a special star cut, and one more marble still which contains a sick reversed axis wig wag millie made by Ryan Teurfs. The mouthpiece, bowl and carb are finished off nicely with vibrant Purple Lollipop color. The pipe you see in the images is the EXACT pipe you will receive.


Measures 5.15 inches long, stands 3 inches tall and weighs 148 grams.



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