Experimental Fume Unbreakable Spoon

This particular piece features some new fuming techniques which had some very cool results. Using multiple layers of gold fume both inside and outside the glass on this piece, both a crazy metallic/iridescent surface effect and a wild spectrum of very vibrant colors were achieved. It's a very different pipe! Check out the pics and keep in mind that they only show so much, due to the reflective nature, this is a difficult piece to photograph. It has been designed with durability in mind. While not recommended to try at home, this style has been known to withstand drop tests onto pavement from a two story roof!!! Hand blown from USA borosilicate glass, functionality doesn't suffer at all. Perfect holes and a perfectly shaped bowl ensure this will be a pleasure to use every single time. The pipe you see in the images is exactly the pipe you will receive.


Measures 4 inches long and weighs 160 grams.



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