UV Illuminati Spoon and Chillum Set

This unique glass pipe set includes 2 high quality, hand blown, ultra thick borosilicate smoking pipes filled with awesome Illuminati color frit. Illuminati glass is a translucent green color that is hardly even visible under normal lighting, but when viewed under a black light it suddenly displays a vibrant glow of intense, radioactive neon green! Don't be taken by other "Illuminati" pipes you see that are just a thin wall of UV glass and nothing else! By using the inside out frit method instead of just tubing these pieces are not only solid, nearly unbreakable pipes, they also have an awesome 3-D appearance of glowing color that can't be achieved with any other technique!


Spoon Pipe: 4.25 inches ; 71 grams
Chillum: 4 inches ; 45 grams



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