Heady Creature Dabber with Eyeball

This heady, one of a kind glass dabber features a lifelike design that may just have your friends wondering if it is actually safe to pick up! Desert sands frit work on the outside gives this piece its base color, also adding a bit of rough texture here and there. Also contributing to the 3 dimensional feel are various hand carved details and then comes the addition of numerous spikes made from a custom color mix bearing mostly purple and blue tones and a super sparkly finish. Lastly for the glasswork is of course the incredibly realistic eyeball marble set in a hand sculpted socket! This dabber features a sharp tip made from high grade titanium which is encased in the glass at one end, and is perfect for precise globbing. The piece shown is the EXACT one you will receive!


Measures 3.85 inches long, 1.75 inches wide and weighs 38 grams.



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