Iridescent Glass Water Pipe

This water pipe has a rather unbelievable appearance which is loaded with purple and blue colors which wind up the pipe in a spiraling pattern and accent the top and base of the piece all underneath a crazy iridescent surface effect that adds a rainbow glare which can be seen in virtually any light. The body of this pipe is soft glass and it has been fitted with a 14mm borosilicate glass on glass/frosted downstem with 7 way diffusion. Also included is the 14mm clear bowl as shown which features a honeycomb screen design, meaning there are 7 holes in the bottom of the bowl as opposed to just one. Everything you see in the images is exactly what you will receive.


Measures 11.15 inches tall, has a max diameter of 3.75 inches and weighs 905 grams (over 2 lbs.)

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