Large Water Pipe with 18mm Eyeball Bowl

This full size water pipe features one of the best percolation setups yet in my opinion. Starting on its journey down a fixed, stemless 18mm inlet, the smoke is first cooled with the water at the very bottom of the piece and is further cooled and diffused as its is pulled through the inverted triple showerhead perc, but the filtration doesn't stop there. Above that is a 6 arm diffused tree style perc to take it one step further and then to finish it off ice catch pokes were created above that to bring the temp of your hit down while keeping the flavor and potency high. Blown with attention to detail and top level precision from quality USA borosilicate glass, this piece is functional, durable and considering the price, it's an extremely practical candidate to become your next daily driver. Also included with this piece is the one of a kind 18mm bowl shown, featuring frit color, hand carved details, and an awesome, 3 dimensional green eyeball. Everything you see in the images is exactly what you will receive.


Measures 17.5 inches tall and weighs 1080 grams (2.38 lbs)



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