Massive Triple Color Water Pipe

  • $ 220.00

Incredibly large, heavy hitting glass water pipe. This soft glass tube was blown by hand and displays three unique, vibrant colors laid out in a spiraling pattern and enhanced by fuming effects which give the whole piece a super reflective, iridescent effect which truly has to be seen in person. This bong features a meticulously worked, intricate base formed from black glass and fumed with gold to achieve a very noticeable rainbow of iridescence which is easily seen in the images.The rest of the tube is also dotted with various shaping and sculpting work which gave it some unique character and made it comfortable to hold. Equipped with a 14mm diffused borosilicate downstem and it also includes the fully worked, extra long 14mm glass on glass bowl, filled with inside out latticino and gold fuming effects. Quite the behemoth bong, even for the most seasoned of smokers, this is the tallest and heaviest piece we have offered yet! You'll receive the EXACT one of a kind glass bong that is shown in the images.

This bong ships anywhere in the U.S. absolutely FREE!!! 


Measures 24 inches tall, 6 inches wide at the base and weighs 2795 grams (6.16 lbs)



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