Multidimensional Weaved Iridescent Heady

This one of a kind upright standing glass Sherlock pipe is an intriguing and very functional shape and this one comes in an enthralling color pattern which shows new tones with every angle and seemingly endless detail as it draws your focus inward. Various complimentary tones of green, blue, amber and pink to name a few are raked over the extra thick glass and worked with some great finesse to attain a tantalizing iridescence of sorts throughout the surface. For a closer look at the details and colors three various size clear magnifiers have been placed on the back of the stem. There is also a large magnifier at the front which is placed in a devilishly clever position which enables it to reflect the pattern underneath in a unique way, causing many to mistake it for some type of implosion marble upon first glance. The piece shown in the images above is the exact one you will receive. Absolutely unique and one of a kind. Measures 5 inches tall and weighs 134 grams. 



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