Nuclear Universe Pipe

This crazy glass spoon pipe shines a whole new light upon the typical "galaxy" category. Consisting of the same double wall construction, this piece contains a layer of black glass within an outer layer of clear. Between the two layers lie the effects of gold and silver fuming work laced throughout with dichroic extract. The result is a vast range of green colors which vary right up to some golden yellow hues and an array of sparkly dichroic that looks as if real pieces of gold were embedded within the glass. Truly a unique look that you won't find elsewhere. The pipe shown in the images is the EXACT one you'll receive. Please note that to view these colors at full intensity you must do so under sunlight or very bright indoor light. They will seem to darken quite a bit if viewed in a dimly lit room.


Measures 4.5 inches long and weighs 67 grams.

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