Silver Fumed Steamroller Pipe

This very different looking glass smoking piece is similar to a spoon design, but it really is more of a small steamroller. The creation of its design had at least some intentions of it being a mushroom pipe, though in the end the result is not the most 'shroomy thing to ever come from this studio. It is however, a super solid, extra long piece that is going to be a heck of a color changer with a little bit of use thanks to the heavy silver fuming work throughout which is deeply encased within the glass and gives it a vibrant blue glow with the dark background. This piece also features a super wide mouthpiece which acts as a base for it to stand on, two marias and a carb positioned at the very top in front of the bowl. Works great for left and right handed smokers!


Measures 7.25 inches long/tall and weighs 105 grams. 



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