The Elite: Unbreakable Silver Fumed Spoon

This piece and this design is basically the culmination of everything that goes into my thickest, most durable pieces, all packed into one, single, amazing pipe, built to withstand anything. Prototypes of this design have withstood hundreds of repeated impacts on concrete. This is the best of the best; the finished product, and I am certain, there is no level above this in terms of durability that is worth reaching for. You will not break this pipe unless you try...and even then you will have to really try. 

Beyond the durability alone, this piece features some exquisite fuming work too as you can see. This particular piece was fumed exclusively with silver fumes only and will show an amazing color changing display spanning the range of blues and purples as you continue to use it more and more.  The pipe you see in the images is exactly the pipe you will receive.


Measures 4.25 inches long and weighs 175 grams.



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