Ultimate Party Pipe in Orange and Pink

Party size Sherlock pipe, this one in a strikingly vibrant orange, green and hot pink color pattern! Made to be the life of the party, the first thing you might notice about this Sherlock is the extra large bowl. When I say extra large, I'm talking about an inch in diameter and almost as deep too! A party isn't a real party if you can't find a pipe, so this piece also displays super bright frit which makes it just about impossible not to see. Good times can and usually do get pretty crazy, and you can be sure this piece wouldn't be the abrupt end to the fun knowing that it won't topple over accidentally. The low center of gravity and wide base make sure this beauty stands firmly, with relatively no chance of tipping no matter how wild the party gets. Total length of this giant is 5.65 inches front to back and the bowl stands 2.25 inches tall. Heavy duty, hand blown piece that was made to last and last, weighing 130 grams even!



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