Unique Curved Glass Sherlock Pipe

This unique style glass pipe has a simple, extremely durable design that combines the great features of spoons, Sherlocks and Gandalf pipes into one. A gently curved shape, with a forward pushed bowl at an angle that makes for easy viewing of what you are lighting, as well as a flattened, wide mouthpiece make for a very comfortable and versatile experience using this pipe. The flat side on the bottom allows it to rest firmly as you see it in the pics above without rolling around one bit. The visibly thick walls are also packed with amazing fumed details to ensure this color changer will be one to remember. Just keep in mind that this pipe is going to appear almost totally clear when you receive it. With use, the colors seen in the pics will begin to show more and more. This one of a kind piece measures 4.5" long and weighs 91 grams.



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